Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Saturday, 4/9/2011

Thanks again for a great tournament!

Place Name 200m Time
1 Alex Farioletti 11.66
2 Ryan Gadow 11.79
3 Mark Rodamaker 12.27
4 Mark Andersen 12.48
5 Garrett Hawkins 12.57
6 Andreas Vogel 12.59
7 Tim Tsuruda 12.59
8 David Allan 12.67
9 Rich Rozzi 12.93
10 Mark Prado 13.03
11 Dennis 13.11
12 Jacob Long 13.16
13 David Broekema 13.18
14 Michael Salipante 13.19
15 Chris C 13.28
16 Jeff Purcell 13.42
17 Vladan Stbove 13.45
18 Thyna Mao 13.46
19 Matt Martinez 13.53
20 Bob Cronin 13.54
21 Vaughn Fischer 13.66
22 Chris Mallo 13.73
23 Zachary Scott 13.86
24 Mary Carrasco 14.01
25 Maciej 14.01
26 Larry Z 14.01
27 Alex Millar 14.12
28 Tom Robak 14.14
29 Jonathan Wright 14.19
30 Terry Fuller 14.51
31 Chris Nyugen 14.52
32 Terry Dewane 14.74
33 Josh Moran 15.38
34 Robin Harness 15.8
35 Donna Woods 15.97
36 Colleen McLaughlin 16.53

Bracket A
A Bracket Record Rank
Alex Farioletti 3-1 3
Ryan Gadow 5-0 1
Mark Rodamaker 3-0 4
Mark Andersen 3-1 3
Garrett Hawkins 3-2 2
Andreas Vogel 1-3
Tim Tsuruda 2-1
David Allan 0-3
Rich Rozzi 2-2
Mark Prado 0-1
Dennis 2-3 5
Jacob Long 0-4

Round 1

Alex F def Jacob Long

Ryan Gadow def Dennis

Mark def def Mark P

Garrett def Rich Rozzi

Andreas def Mark A

Tim T def David A

Round 2

Alex F def Mark P

Tim T def Jacob Long

Ryan Gadow def Rich R

Mark R def Dennis

Garrett def Andreas

Mark A def David A

Round 3

Alex F def Tim Tsuruda

Dennis def Jacob Long

Ryan Gadow def Andreas

Mark R def Mark A

Rich Rozzi def Mark P

Garrett def Mark A

Round 4

Ryan Gadow def Alex F

Mark P def Jacob Long

Dennis def Andreas

Mark A def Garrett

Rich Rozzi def David Broekema

Round 5

Ryan Gadow def Garrett

Dennis def Jeff Purcell

Bracket B
B Bracket Record Rank
David Broekema 3-1 2
Michael Salipante 4-0 1
Chris C 0-1
Jeff Purcell 1-2
Vladan Stbove 0-4
Thyna Mao 0-3
Matt Martinez 0-2
Bob Cronin 2-1
Vaughn Fischer 3-1 3
Chris Mallo 2-1
Zachary Scott 2-1
Mary Carrasco 2-2

Round 1

Michael S def Lala

Zach S def Chris C

Chris Mallo def Jeff P

Vaughn F def Vladan

Bob C def Thyna

David B def Matt Martinez

Round 2

Michael S def Vladan

Chris M def Lala

Zach def Thyna

Vaughn F def Matt Martinez
David Broekema def Bob C

Jeff Purcell receives a bye

Round 3

Michael S def Vaid B

Lala def Vladan

Bob C def Zach

Jeff P def Thyna

Vaughn def Chris M

Round 4

Michael S def Vaughn

Lala def Vladan

Bracket C
C Bracket Record Rank
Maciej 2-1 2
Larry Z 2-1 2
Alex Millar 2-1 2
Tom Robak 2-1 2
Jonathan Wright 1-3
Terry Fuller 0-3
Chris Nyugen 3-1 1
Terry Dewane 1-2
Josh Moran 2-1 2
Robin Harness 0-3
Donna Woods 1-2
Colleen McLaughlin 0-3

Round 1

Maciej def Collen M

Larry def Robbin Harness

Alex M def Jonathan W

Tom Robak def Donna Woods

Josh M def Terry Dewane

Chris Nyugen def Terry Fuller

Round 2

Maciej def Jonathan Wright

Larry def Terry Fuller

Alex M def Terry Dewane

Tom Robak def Robin Harness

Josh M def Colleen M

Chris Nyugen def Donna Woods

Round 3

Maciej def Chris Nyguen

Terry F def Colleen McLaughlin

Larry def Josh Moran

Donna def Robbin H

Terry Dewane def Jonathan

Alex M def Tom Robak

Round 4

Jonathan def Chris Nyugen

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sprint Tournament 7/18/10

Sprint Tournament 7/18/10

200 Meter TT Results

Giovanni Rey 11.26
Keith McBeth 12.26
Tim Tsuruda 12.68
Mark Rodamaker 12.88
Steve McGrath 12.99
Mark Prado 13.13
Macij Macaziack 13.37
Thyna Mao 13.54
Terry Fuller 14.22
Lothar Grahman 14.79
Terry Dewayne 13.98

Results of Match Sprint Rounds coming soon

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sprint Results for 6/20/10

Sprint Results for 6/20/10

200m TT For Seeding

David Allen 12.16
Mark Rodamaker 12.45
Tom Dillon 12.71
Maurice Monge 12.80
Mark Prado 13.16
Macij Macaziack 13.41
Lawrence Szabo 13.50
Oscar Gonzalez 14.01
Beth Butrymowicz 14.24
Evan Nessim 14.38
Lisa Hern 14.45
Terry Dewayne 14.47
Juan Gonzalez 14.52
Terry Fuller 14.84
Bess Hernandez-Jones 15.23
Holly Roberts 15.37
Robin Harness 16.02
Donna Woods 16.35


Round One
Allen def Macaziack
Rodamaker def Prado
Monge def Dillon
Round Two
Allen def Dillon
Rodamaker def Monge
Prado def Macaziack
Round Three
Allen def Rodamaker
Dillon def Prado
Monge def Macaziack
Round Four
Rodamaker def Allen def Dillon
Monge def Macaziack def Prado

Round One

Szabo def Dewayne
O Gonzalez def Hern
Nessim def Butrymowicz
Round Two
Szabo def Butrymowicz
O Gonzalez def Nessim
Hern def Dewayne
Round Three
Szabo vs O Gonzalez - tie
Butrymowicz def Hern
Nessim def Dewayne
Round Four
Szabo def O Gonzalez def Butrymowicz
Nessim def hern def Dewayne

Round One

J Gonzalez def Woods
Roberts def Fuller def Harness
Round Two
J Gonzalez def Fuller
Roberts def Woods def Harness
Round Three
J Gonzalez def Woods def Fuller
Roberts def Narness
Round Four
J Gonzalez def Roberts

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sprint Tournament 4-25-10

200 Meter TT Results

Keith MacBeth 12.2
David Allen 12.4
Steve Anderson 12.46
Mark Rodamaker 12.55
Bill Nicely 12.56
Alex Millar 12.75

Randell Smith 12.79
Jeff Lin 12.8
PaulMalenke 12.84
Tim Tsuruda 12.84
John Simmons 12.86
Mateo Ortega 12.96

Steve Jones 13.14
Macicj Maceodiak 13.14
Thyna Mao 13.17
Randy Armstrong 13.34
Kalani Hines 13.35
Dennis Mitchell 13.42

Robin Song 13.61
Oscar Gonzalez 14.12
Mary Ellen Carrasco 14.29
Cathy Morgan 15.18
Terry Fuller 15.25
Liz Hernandez-Jones 15.35
Lothar Grahman 15.7
Donna Woods 15.95

Round One
Macbeth def Millar
Allen def Nicely
Anderson def Rodamaker

Round Two
Macbeth def Anderson
Allen def Rodamaker
Nicely def Millar

Round Three
Macbeth def Allen
Nicely def Millar def Anderson

Round Four
Allen def millar def Anderson

Round One
Smith def Ortega
Simmons def Lin
Malenke def Tsuruda

Round Two
Malenke def Smith
Tsuruda def Lin
Ortega def Simmons

Round Three
Lin def Smith
Malenke def Simmons
Tsuruda def Ortega

Round Four
Tsuruda def Lin def Smith
Malenke def Ortega

Round One
Mitchell def Jones
Hines def Maceodiak
Mao def Armstrong

Round Two
Mao def Jones
Armstrong def Maceodiak
Hines def Mitchell

Round Three
Maceodiak def Jones
Hines def Mao
Armstrong def Mitchell

Round Four
Maceodiak def Armstrong def Mao
Hines def Mitchell

Round One
Song def H-Jones def Grahman
Gonzalez def Fuller
Carrasco def Morgan def Woods

Round Two
Song def Carrasco
Gonzalez def Morgan
Grahman def H-Jones def Fuller

Round Three
Gonzalez def Song
Carrasco def Fuller def Grahman
H-Jones def Morgan

Round Four
Gonzalez def Carrasco def Song
Fuller def Morgan
H-Jones def Grahman

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sprint Tourney - March 7, 2010

We started sprinting in 2010 on a somewhat blustery March Sunday. Blustery became chilly as the afternoon progressed, but the sprinting stayed fun and fast.

Thirty one riders did a 200 meter time trial and then split into groups of six based on the 200m times. Almost everyone then did three 2 ups and one three up match sprint. As usual, a good time was had by all.


Sam Milroy 11.73
Peter Billington 11.75
Gio Rey 12.06
Josh Schwartz 12.53
Mark Rodamaker 12.58
Ben Wong 12.64
Alex Millar 12.65
Tim Tsuruda 12.84
Sean Burns 12.97
John Simmons 12.98
David Allen 13.00
Steve Jone 13.01
Paul Malenke 13.27
Jeff Lin 13.31
Josh Moran 13.49
Thyna Mao 13.50
Ted Vidnovic 13.61
Roy Johnson 13.66
Mark Prado 13.68
Mary Carrasco 13.70
George Crawford 13.76
Chris Mallo 13.76
Jon Krier 13.81
Peter Piepul 13.91
L'rence Szabo 13.98
Oscar Gonzalez 14.12
Elvem McKnight 14.38
Terry Dewayne 14.67
Evan Nessim 14.67
Heather Ross 14.67
Liz Hernandez-Jones 16.11

Round 1
Milroy d Wong
Billington d Rodamaker
Rey d Swartz

Round 2
Rey d Milroy
Billington d Swartz
Rodamaker d Wong

Round 3
Billington d Milroy
Swartz d Wong
Rodamaker d Rey

Round 4
Rey d Rodamaker

Round 1
Millar d Jones
Allen d Tsurda
Burns d Simmons

Round 2
Millar d Burns
Tsuruda d Simmons
Allen d Jones

Round 3
Millar d Tsuruda
Simmons d Jones
Allen d Burns

Round 4
Burns d Tsuruda
Allen d Simmons d Jones

Round 1
Malenke d Johnson
Lin d Vidnovic
Mao d Piepel d Moran

Round 2
Malenke d Lin d Vidnovic
Mao d Moran
Piepel d Johnson

Round 3
Malenke d Lin
Moran d Vidnovic
Mao d Johnson

Round 4
Lin d Moran d Malenke
Mao d Vidnovic d Johnson

Round 1
Prado d Szabo
Krier d Carrasco
Mallo d Crawford

Round 2
Mallo d Prado
Krier d Szabo
Carrasco d Crawford

Round 3
Carrasco d Prado
Crawford d Szabo

Round 4
Prado d Carrasco d Crawford

Round 1
Gonzales d Hernandez - Jones
Mcknight d Ross
Nessim d Dewayne

Round 2
Gonzales d Nessim
Mcknight d Ross d Hernandez - Jones

Round 3
Mcknight d Gonzales
Nessim d Piepel d Hernandez - Jones

Round 4
Mcknight d Gonzales

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sprint Results 5/16/09

On a VERY hot Saturday afternoon, 16 competitive souls braved the oven that the velodrome becomes when the temperature goes up to the mid 90's.

The racing was fast and furious with some of the most strategic sprinting being done by 12 year old Zeke Mostov. Keep an eye on this kid!

As usual we started with 200 meter time trials for seeding and then broke into groups of five and six based on 200 meter time for the matches themselves.

Millar Alex 12.18
Roberts Tor 12.28
Stern Ben 12.31
Vogel Andreas 12.42
Mao Thyna 12.98

Allen Richard 13.24
Moran Josh 13.58
Szabo Lawerence 13.66
Atienza Archie 13.74
Newell Beth 13.78

Scholle Gavin 14.64
Morgan Cathy 15.08
Mostov Zeke 15.17
Merkle Max 15.2
Allen Mary Ellen 15.45
Hernandez-Jones Elizabeth 15.9


Group One
Stern def Millar def Mayo
Roberts def Vogel

Group Two
Newell def R Allen def Szabo
Moran def Atienza

Group Three
Scholle def Hernandez-Jones
ME Allen def Morgan
Merkle def Mostov


Group One
Roberts def Millar
Stern def Vogel def Mayo

Group Two
R Allen def Atienza
Moran def Szabo def Newell

Group Three
Scholle def Merkle
Morgan def Hernandez-Jones
ME Allen def Mostov


Group One
Roberts def Millar
Vogel def Stern
R Allen(from G2) def Mayo

Group Two
Szabo def Atienza
Moran def Newell

Group Three
Scholle def Morgan
Mostov def Hernandez-Jones
Merkle def ME Allen


Group One
Stern def Millar def Vogel

Group Two
Newell def Szabo def Atienza
Moran def R Allen def Mayo (from G1)

Group Three
Merkle def Mostov
ME Allen def Morgan def Hernandez-Jones

Vogel def Stern
Moran def Mayo def Newell
Mostov def Merkle

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The first sprint tournament of 2009 took place on a beautiful April afternoon down at Hellyer. There were some gusty winds, but generally warm and good conditions made for fast times, and several riders had PR's including the screaming ride by Kelyn Acuna at 11.26 seconds for his 200. Very fast.

After the 200's we broke into groups of six based on 200 times. Each group did three 2 ups and one 3 up. Results are below:

200 M TIME

Kelyn Akuna 11.26
Daniel Farinha 12.22
Tor Roberts 12.28
Sam Milroy 12.30
Maurice Monge 12.32
Mark Barnum 12.36


Andreas Vogel 12.4
Mark Rodamaker 12.51
Josh Schwartz 12.53
Steve Youtsey 12.75
Alex Millar 12.78
David Poncy 12.78


Bill Nicely 12.80
Mark Altamirano 13.11
Brandon Gallagher 13.37
Andrew Lanier 13.69
Vincent Juarez 13.97
Richard Allen 13.99


Andrew McIntire 14.4
Pam Davis 14.91
Mary E Allen 15.38
Cathy Morgan 15.68
Zeke Mostov 16.64


Akuna def Barnum
Farinha def Monge
Roberts def Milroy

Pouncy def Vogel
Rodamaker def Millar
Schwartz def Youtsey

Nicely def Allen
Altamirano def Juarez
Gallagher def Lanier

McIntire def Mostov
Davis def Allen def Morgan


Akuna def Milroy
Barnum def Farinha
Roberts def Monge

Youtsey def Vogel
Pouncy def Rodamaker
Schwartz def Millar

Nicely def Lanier
Altamirano def Allen
Juarez def Gallagher

Allen def Davis def McIntire
Morgan def Mostov


Akuna def Farinha
Roberts def Barnum
Milroy def Monge

Rodamaker def Vogel
Schwartz def Pouncy
Millar def Youtsey

Nicely def Altamirano
Gallagher def Allen
Juarez def Lanier

Davis def Allen
McIntire def Morgan def Mostov


Akuna def Roberts def Farinha
Milroy def Monge def Barnum

Vogel def Schwartz def Rodamaker
Millar def Pouncy def Youtsey

Gallagher def Altamirano def Nicely
Juarez def Allen def Lanier

McIntire def Mostov